#6: Marketing yourself – BookTour.com & HARO: Two GREAT tools you never heard of!


BookTour.Com is an incredible free tool for both readers and writers. Once you go on the site and create your login, you’ll begin to receive weekly emails listing which authors are making appearances in your area. As a reader, I think that’s amazing!

As an author, I think it’s priceless! If you have an ISBN, you can list YOURSELF any time you make an appearance, even ones that you set up just for you! Here’s an example:

I have two book signings for my “Primer for Beginning Authors” in April. One will take place at the Desert Dreams Writers Conference in Scottsdale, AZ where, on April 17th, a multi-author signing will be open to the public. I listed every one of those authors – including myself – on BookTour. Now every Phoenix-area subscriber will receive the email and my name will be on it!

But I also have many friends who have been supportive of my journey, and they want to buy signed copies of my book. So, I spoke with a local independent restaurant and arranged to hold a signing on their patio on April 12th. I invited all my friends.

AND I listed the signing on BookTour!

Why not? Now all the subscribers will see my name – twice in one month. Hopefully, their interest will be piqued. Maybe my name will start to become familiar. Maybe when my novels are released and I hold THOSE signings, readers won’t think of me as a newbie. Maybe they’ll remember my name and think I’m already an established author. And it’s a very good reason to hold another signing in May. And possibly every month up to the release of “A Woman of Choice” in September!

The next step is to inform and encourage every reader I know to sign up with BookTour. Will you help in me in that endeavor? The authors -then- will  take care of themselves!


HARO = Help A Reporter Out. Twice a day, reporters from all over the country post (via email) articles they are working on and need expert input for. Sometimes, they need authors. Always, they need people with specific experiences or knowledge – and if that specific knowledge ties into what you are writing about, submit yourself as an expert!

There’s plenty of competition for attention there, but this is another free outlet that might be worth your time. Answer a quick query and hope for the best: widespread free publicity as an expert – and a mention of your book(s)!

Now a personal marketing follow-up: Last week I gave away the e-book version of my “Primer” to anyone who wanted it. Sixty people accepted the offer. Five of them rated my book (5 stars, all) and three wrote wonderful reviews. That is awesome publicity.

What did it cost me? Nothing out of pocket; maybe the profit from three or four $2.95 sales to people who already knew me.

What did I gain? At the end of the e-book are the titles, book covers and release dates for my three novels. Assuming people like my “Primer” then they’ll tell others and watch for my novels.

How will that turn out? I’ll keep you “posted”!

3 Responses to “#6: Marketing yourself – BookTour.com & HARO: Two GREAT tools you never heard of!”

  1. 1 suzilove 04/05/2010 at 4:56 PM

    Glad I discovered your great blog,
    And love the idea of your info book for new writers,
    I know lots of new romance authors in Australia so will recommend they check it out,
    Seeing your photo reminded me of the fun we had in DC during those hectic pitch times,
    Suzi the Aussie

    • 2 kristualla 04/05/2010 at 6:15 PM

      And the imperious Miss Green-Jumper! HA! 🙂 I finally found the Hearts Through History loop – only a year later! So we’ll be in touch!
      Kris 🙂

      • 3 suzilove 04/05/2010 at 6:25 PM

        Oh, how could we forget our chief organiser? – LOL!
        I still have nightmares about it, but it was fun as well,
        Quite an eye-opener for me,
        Wish I could get to Nashville but two years in a row would blow the budget,

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